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Master Evolving Markets


Welcome to AXiSALiVE.COM

This resource is designed to provide a broad scope of the global economy including upcoming dates of significance and commentary on the seasonality of markets. The knowledge offered here is presented by the combined 50+ years of experience in markets and technology garnered by the founder and his guest content providers.


The material on the website is structured in daily and weekly updates across a wide array of asset classes and uses applied cycle theory to help members maintain a deeper understanding of global money flows and technological trends across many different sectors.


AXiS ALiVE synthesizes Technical, Quantitative and Qualitative Fundamental Analysis to create a crystal clear viewpoint on the current and future trends of an evolving marketplace. We encourage our members to find an edge in their studies and to learn and grow with the intent of fully realizing themselves as masters in their respective industries.


Together, we set the precedent of harboring a lifetime's worth of skills and intelligence at our command. Being entrenched in deep analysis, intriguing ideas and universal methodologies, while always being open to new ones, will align our members toward the path of sovereignty,

financial freedom and fulfillment.

AXISALIVE.COM is a place to grow through learning, networking and applying

the wisdom and skills found within.


If you are looking for more data and analysis on your favorite assets, this is the place to look.


Engaging in our database of Daily Chart Sets will have you integrating a broad market approach to the technical patterns, market cycles, and money-flows across different opposing sectors of finance. We believe there are always opportunities to make returns in any market condition. By paying attention to all markets and consistently observing cash flows, correlations and big policy decisions, you will have a deeper understanding of the how's and why's of market movements. Ultimately, the technical data will reign supreme and this is the extra edge we need to revisit on a regular basis to support a fundamental thesis and maximize returns via a more opportunistic economic worldview.

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Access exclusive market data, tools, private video sessions and chart updates with one of our subscription plans.

Receive discounts on courses and consultations, or a free one-on-one consultation*.

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One-on-One Personalized Consultations

Are you seeking further understanding into evolving markets?

Are you a high net worth who wants exposure to emerging markets but doesn't know where to start?

Are you seeking a personalized session to discuss your vision and approach into the cryptoverse?

Want reassurance on using the blockchain for your first time?

Do you desire to apply market cycle theory to your personalized investment strategy?


Sign up for a 1-on-1 Personalized Consultation today and let us help you further your goals.

Go to our Consultation page under Services to book a session.

Group Consultations

Looking for an integrated expert approach to crypto in a group setting? This option is for group calls of up to 8 participants.

Whether your goals are onboarding high net worth's into DeFi opportunities, teaching your group key concepts of blockchain, or business networking and pitching new business ideas with AXiS ALiVE, this is the option you are looking for.


Book your Integration Group Consultation today and let us help you further your goals.

Go to our Consultation page under Services to book a session.

The Classroom is the place to get the knowledge you seek on emerging markets. The coursework will take you on a deep dive into different investment approaches on cryptocurrency and the broader global markets.


One of the biggest hurdles to learning about new market technology is, sourcing trustworthy material that will quickly give you the confidence to control your own financial destiny. The aim of creating the classroom is to give members access to course material that has been synthesized from thousands of hours of online content and experts from all  around the world. Members can sign up to a membership plan to receive discounts and pick and choose which domains they want to know more about without the hassle of sourcing the material from hundreds of different content providers on the web.

Whether you are new or advanced we have Courses for you. Please visit our Classroom page and start learning today!

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