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Comprehensive Personalized Consultations
*USDC Accepted Select Manual Payment at Checkout

Our personalized consultations can cover a variety of following topics:

1-on-1 with AXiS ALiVE

  • Blockchain Analysis

  • Cryptocurrency Trading

  • Setting up Passive Income with Crypto Staking Ladders

  • Cryptocurrency Mining

  • How to use the Ethereum or Bitcoin Wallets

  • Calculating Returns on Investments

  • How to manage Risk

  • How to use trading view tool set for Technical analyst

  • Sourcing Valuable Information from the Web

  • How to use Hardware Wallets

  • Best practices in the use of technology

  • Principles of Design and Aesthetics

  • Discovering and Using useful tools for the blockchain

  • Liquidity Providing and Market Making in different Liquidity Environments


Computer or Laptop that can join StreamYard

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