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Slide Decks

The Slide decks are long form presentations designed to inform you on a wide array of topics to give you a broader view of the health, wealth and vitality of the global economy. Topics in these discussions range from market psychology to macro market trends to sociopolitical viewpoints and deeper understandings of the philosophies and psychologies driving this new tech revolution in the 21st Century. Each Slide deck is accompanied by a video presentation with prominent figures from Crypto Twitter as well as the wisdom of old-blood market participants, bringing a synthesis of old and new ideas together.

Fiat Fallout Image.png


The world is in the hands of the FED.

In this presentation we take a look at the economic potentialities of the monetary policy being enforced by the way of FED Rate Hikes.

The document covers many sectors including FOREX Markets, US Bonds, Equities, Precious Metals, and Cryptocurrency over a 24 month period. What do we perceive is a likely outcome under these dynamic economic conditions with experience and vision of two veterans in the global markets.


The Future is trending toward science-fiction. Does that mean that fiction will inevitably become fact?

In this presentation we discuss the Principles of Natural Law and the Evolution of Spirit out of Matter. By uncovering declassified CIA Documents we discover the layers of the Mind and systems of Divine Universal Knowledge.

By better understanding the Human Condition and our relationship with Time, we may live a fuller and more fruitful life of abundance beyond the wildest possibilities of the human imagination - the source of our creation.

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Screenshot 2022-12-15 123304.png


Market Cycles are Life Cycles. In this presentation we take a deep look into different sectors of monetary policy and dive into energy, population and the evolving layers of the global economy.

This topic is finally summed up with sound money theory and presents some of the technological and spiritual advancements helping to push forward a better humanity.


Deep Dive macro analysis on Equities, Metals and the FED, intertwined with sound money principles. In this presentation we explore cryptocurrency liquidity providing, correlations, airdrop opportunities and speculation on the future of EVM networks being developed to push cryptocurrency forward.

Deep Dive Splash image.png
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