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Chart Set for March 8th, 2023


Major changes include:


  • M1 and M2 Analysis

  • FED FUNDS Analysis against S&P 500 Index v2

  • DXY Sentiment Analysis and Market Direction Analysis

  • DXY Stochastic and Historical Volatility Analysis

  • DXY vs Fed Funds Rate Analysis

  • StableCoin Index DCA, DMI, ASO Analysis

  • Stock Market Sentiment and Fib Channel Analysis

  • Total Crypto MarketCap DCA, DMI and ASO Analysis

  • Bitcoin DCA Analysis

  • Bitcoin Defi Summer Fractal Analysis

  • BTC Golden Ratio Muliplier

  • GBTC Reserves to Discount Ratio

  • BTC Longs to Shorts

  • Ethereum DCA, DMI, ASO + Fib Retracement Analysis

  • HEX Dom


  • HEX/WETH RSI and Market Supply Analysis

  • HEX Weekly RSI

  • HEX Parabola Projections

  • Deeper look into HEX Fib Timezones

  • Icosa Hedron Analysis

  • Maximus Dao Premiums to Discounts

  • Communis

  • Cult

  • IMX

  • FTM

  • HEX Market Supply Analysis

  • Resting Limit Orders Analysis

  • 7 Day HEX Correlations


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March 8 2023 Chart Set

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