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Chart Set for March 23rd, 2023


Major changes include:


  • Dollar Currency Index Fractal

  • Dollar Currency Index DMI and MACD Analysis

  • Stablecoin Index Analysis of MACD and ASO

  • Gold Spot restores itself as inflation hedge and uncertain markets

  • Oil/DXY Chart sets new lows in energy. MACD and ASO Analysis

  • Stock Indices Index ASO and MACD Analysis

  • Total Crypto Cap makes an insane rally. DCA, DMI, ASO Analysis

  • Fear and Greed Index

  • Bitcoin and the 350 Day MA Analysis and DCA Indicator Analysis

  • Greyscale coming off its discount

  • Ethereum pattern analysis and targets

  • Ethereum Fib, MACD, Stochastic RSI Analysis

  • Top Performers YTD

  • HEX vs BTC Indexed Price Performance

  • HEX vs ETH Indexed Price Performance

  • HEX/WETH Chart Analysis

  • HEX Volatility Chart Analysis

  • HEX Weekly RSI Analysis

  • HEX Liquidity Analysis

  • HEX Market Volumes analysis over the weekend

  • HEX Market Supply and Correlations

  • Icosa Hedron DMA, and Cross Pair Analysis

  • First look at the ICOSA/HEDRON Pair

  • Maximus DAO Premiums and Discounts

  • Communis Analysis on Breakout

  • Chart Index


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March 23 2023 Chart Set

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