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Chart Set for January 20th, 2023


Major changes include:

  • DOLLAR CURRENCY INDEX - Trying to stage a comeback to break the 103 resistance level.

  • GOLD SPOT - Bull Market is on. The race to accumulate before $2k per ounce.

  • COPPER FUTURES - Breaks up higher, commodities getting expensive.

  • CRUDE Successful Back-Testing Support of 2006 Highs - Setting up a 2 Yr Pennant

  • Stock Markets Indices INDEX - Holding 0.618 Fib level as support.

  • TOTAL CRYPTO CAP - Major Test Successful. A break of the level is bullish.

  • STABLECOIN INDEX - Rolled over to bottom of triangle exactly.

  • BITCOIN giga-bart pattern. Change of trend is in the air.

  • ETHEREUM t successfully hit the $1600 target.

  • HEX looks amazing, big wallets have dumped and exited. Price supported above 21 DMA

  • HEX Liquidity consolidating out in no-man’s-land. This is the beginning of new money in-flows.

  • ICOSA + HEDRON Ecosystem setting up for a major move higher on HEX Price pump.

  • Pulsedogecoin Ecosystem see selloff. ASIC yield dying with weakening PLSB Asset price.

  • Maximus DAO Ecosystem Overview

  • XEN Pumping into news of a new Layer 1 being built.


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January 20 2023 Chart Set

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