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Chart Set for February 24th, 2023
Major changes include:
  • M1 and M2 Analysis
  • FED FUNDS Analysis against S&P 500 Index
  • Bitcoin Cycle 2 vs HEX Analysis
  • Bitcoin Linear Chart
  • HEX vs Bitcoin ROI From Launch + Fractal Projection
  • HEX Timeframe Simulation
  • HEX Liquidity Analysis
  • HEX TVL LP Pool Analysis
  • HEX VOLUME LP Pool Analysis
  • HEX Liquidity by the Numbers - HEAVY ALPHA
  • HEX Correlations Matrix
  • HEX Social Media Analytics and Payout Per Tshare Projection
  • Total Crypto Cap Breaks Bear Market Resistance
  • Stablecoin Index Sentiment Analysis
  • Dollar Currency Index Sentiment Analysis
  • Bitcoin Golden Ratio Analysis
  • Bitcoin Channels and Dominance Analysis
  • GBTC Discount Analysis
  • Ethereum Fibonacci Retracement Analysis
  • Stock Market Indices INDEX Key Levels to Watch
  • HEX Fibonacci Timezone Analysis
  • HEX MONTHLY Sentiment and RSI Analysis 
  • HEX/BTC Chart Analysis
  • HEX/ETH Chart and Sentiment Analysis
  • HEX/USDC Liquidity Pool and Dipcatcher Key Levels + Sentiment Analysis
  • IcosaHedron Analysis
  • Maximus Dao Premiums and Discounts
  • Communis Accumulation Reload Zone
  • Chart Index



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February 24 2023 Chart Set

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