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Chart Set for February 2nd, 2023


Major changes include:


  • M1 and M2 Analysis

  • Average Price of Eggs as a meter on cost of living

  • Home Sales falling

  • FED Funds vs S&P 500 Analysis

  • Dollar Currency Index Analysis on 12 Month MA

  • FOREX Analysis

  • Gold Spot Fractal Forecast

  • Copper Forecast

  • Crude Oil Consolidating at the lows

  • Lumber Futures testing the midline

  • Stock Index is holding the 0.618

  • Coinbase breaks out of the parabola

  • Crypto Fear and Greed Analysis

  • Total Crypto Marketcap and Gaussian Channel

  • Stablecoin Index

  • Bitcoin RSI and Historical Volatility

  • Ethereum Fractal Forecast

  • Ethereum vs Bitcoin Cross Pair Forecast

  • HEX bullish divergence breaks 3 cent level. Upside Targets

  • HEX/BTC Fractal Forecast

  • HEX/ETH Trend Forecast

  • HEX and Ethereum Rainbow LOG Growth Channel

  • HEX Forecast using Emibap’s Liquidity Tool

  • HEX Weekly RSI and Historical Volatility Forecast

  • HEX Liquidity Analysis

  • Communis Breakout on the 4 Hour

  • IcosaHedron Ecosystem pumped hard on a strong HEX Price

  • Dog Coin Ecosystem Crashing Hard. No Sign of support.

  • Maximus Dao Tokenized Stakes Premiums and Discounts

  • Poly and Water Intelligence

  • XEN RSI is flattening out. Sellers are exhausted. Free minters are priced out


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February 2 2023 Chart Set

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