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Chart Set for February 9th, 2023


Major changes include:

  • M1 and M2 Analysis

  • FED FUNDS over S&P Analysis

  • Dollar Index staged a rally, looking for a bullish retest

  • Dollar Index Quarterly Analysis

  • Bitcoin Fractal Analysis

  • Ethereum Fibonacci Retracement Levels

  • Ethereum vs Bitcoin Cross Theory and Pattern Formation

  • HEX Monthly

  • HEX 4 Hour Analysis

  • HEX Liquidity Pools

  • Hedron Fib Levels, Bull Market Support and Channel

  • Icosa Fib levels and Bull Market Support

  • Communis in a Descending Triangle. Bearish Pattern

  • Maximus Dao Premiums and Discounts



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February 9 2023 Chart Set

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