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Whales Lurk in the Deep Value Discount Zones


Apr 6, 2023

Searching for discounts before prices go parabolic

Chart Set for April 6th, 2023

Major changes include:

  • Legend of Indicators

  • Top Currencies for April Fifth

  • Dollar Currency Index Analysis

  • Stablecoin Index Fib Analysis

  • Gold/DXY Chart Pattern Analysis

  • Bitcoin/Gold Ratio

  • Oil Industry SPR and Price Analysis

  • Copper Futures Chart Pattern Analysis

  • Stock Market Index

  • Total Crypto Market Cap Fear and Greed Analysis

  • Bitcoin Golden Ratio Analysis

  • Bitcoin Monthly Fractal Forecast

  • Ethereum Weekly Historical Volatility Analysis

  • Dogecoin

  • HEX vs USDC VPVR and Fib Analysis

  • HEX vs WETH VPVR Point of Control Analysis

  • NEW* HEX Price Fractal Projections

  • HEX Weekly RSI Analysis

  • HEXFIRE.PRO Mayer Multiple for HEX

  • HEX Liquidity Analysis

  • HEX Volumes Analysis

  • HEX Correlations

  • Icosa Hedron Moving Averages and RSI Analysis

  • Hedron Supply Analysis

  • IcosaHedron Cross Pair Analysis

  • Communis

  • XEN Ecosystem Breakdown

  • NEW* Tetra price chart

  • Dog Coin Ecosystem Breakdown

  • Glossary

  • Chart Index

*Available with paid memberships. See our Service page to sign up or purchase from our products page

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