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Total Market Set up for a final smackdown?


Feb 28, 2023

HEX Supply is Becoming more scarce. Critically Low Levels of Market Supply.

Chart Set for February 28th, 2023

Major changes include:

  • M1 and M2 Analysis

  • FED FUNDS Analysis against S&P 500 Index v2

  • DXY Sentiment Analysis

  • DXY vs Fed Funds Rate Analysis

  • StableCoin Index Sentiment Analysis on the Monthly

  • Stock Market Indices Monthly Sentiment Analysis

  • HEX Liquidity Updates for all four major pools

  • HEX TVL Analysis

  • HEX Volume Analysis

  • HEX Liquidity by the Numbers

  • True HEX Circulating Supply Deep Dive

  • Correlations Matrix on the 7 day

  • Total Crypto Marketcap Analysis

  • The Golden Ratio Multiplier

  • Bitcoin Fractal on the Weekly Chart

  • GBTC Discount Analysis

  • Ethereum Daily Chart Analysis

  • Bitcoin Cycle 2 to HEX Comparison

  • HEX with BTC Fractal Projection

  • HEX Fibonacci Time Zone Analysis

  • HEX Dominance Chart

  • HEX/BTC Targets

  • HEX/ETH Targets

  • HEX Sentiment Analysis

  • HEX Dip Catcher Bands Analysis

  • HEX DMI Analysis

  • Icosa/HEDRON Analysis

  • Maximus DAO Ecosystem Premiums + Discounts

  • Communis

  • Chart Index

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