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Setting up for the final leg of Crypto Spring


May 8, 2023

Fakeouts and turmoil in midst of explosive move for Bitcoin brewing

Chart Set for May 8th, 2023

Major changes include:

  • FOREX Markets

  • Dollar Currency Index Analysis

  • Stablecoin Index Analysis

  • Gold Commentary and Analysis

  • Oil Commentary and Analysis

  • Copper Commentary and Analysis

  • Stock Market Index of Indexes Monthly Chart Analysis

  • Total Crypto Market Cap Indicators and Analysis

  • Bitcoin Stochastic and ASO

  • ETH and Bitcoin Mem Pools Analysis and Commentary

  • Ethereum Foundation Historical Dumps Chart

  • Dogecoin Analysis

  • 30 Day Correlations Matrix on the Blue Chips

  • HEX 2 Hour Chart Analysis

  • HEX Weekly Chart Fibonnaci Retracement Analysis

  • HEX 3 Day Timeframe Analysis

  • HEX Weekly RSI and 200 Day Moving Average

  • HEX Mayer Multiple Chart

  • HEX Volatility on the Monthly Analysis

  • HEX Liquidity TVL and Volumes Analysis

  • HEX/USDC LP Chart Analysis

  • HEX LP Pools Supply Trends Analysis

  • HEX LP Pools Dashboard

  • HEX 24 Hour Volumes Breakdown

  • HEX Market Supply - User Supply Analysis

  • HEX Daily Payouts Analysis

  • ICOSA HEDRON Charts and HEX Pairs

  • HEDRON Burns and Mints Data

  • HEDRON Velocity vs Price Action Chart

  • ICOSA vs HEDRON Cross Chart Analysis

  • Forfeited HEDRON Inflation Theory

  • Maximus DAO Premiums and Discounts

  • Communis Chart Analysis

  • Pepe Analysis

  • XEN price chart Analysis

  • XEN Tokenomics Dashboard

  • HEDRON to XEN Ratio

  • Dog Coin Ecosystem

  • Chart Index

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