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Pressure on Risk


Dec 18, 2022

Equities and Crypto setting up for a downward spill

Chart Set for December 18, 2022

Major changes include:

  • DOLLAR CURRENCY INDEX - Reversing Trend

  • M2 Money Stock set to fall 1 Trillion in the coming year

  • US Stock Indices Rejection off 0.786 Fib Channel

  • TOTAL CRYPTO CAP downside targets


  • BITCOIN + ETHEREUM downside Targets

  • Ethereum Forming a Pennant

  • ETH/BTC in a Pennant Pattern

  • HEX Liquidity Breakdown

  • HEX Selloff - 50 Million HEX Market Dump

  • HEX + ETH Fractals

  • HEDRON + ICOSA Ecosystem Trending Down

  • Pulsedogecoin Ecosystem Reversing at top of trend

  • Maximus DAO Ecosystem

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