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Fierce Dollar and Oil Prices take risk off the table!


Aug 31, 2023

Will “Septembear” Seasonality be bearish for Crypto?

Chart Set for August 31st, 2023

Major changes include:

  • Assets to watch

  • Dollar Currency Index Updated Analysis

    • 10Y Yields Comparison

  • US Treasuries Yield Curve Analysis

  • Government Debt Chart

  • Stock Market Multi Index Chart

  • WTI Oil Chart Commentary

  • HEX Charts

    • eHEX/USDC

      • Fibonacci Levels

      • RSI Analysis

    • HEX/WETH

      • RSI

      • Recovery Curve

    • HEX Ratios

    • eHEX/PLS Ratio Analysis

  • HEX Staker Analysis

    • Average New Stake Length

    • Maximum Theoretical Tshares

  • Bitcoin Inflation Curve Analysis

    • Bitcoin Hashrate and Supply Curve Chart

  • pHEX Technical Analysis

    • RSI

  • PulseChain Charts

    • PulseChain Sacrifice Multiplier Levels

    • RSI and Stochastic RSI Analysis

    • PLSX/PLS Ratio Analysis

    • Incentive Token RSI and Stoch Analysis

    • pDAI Fibonacci Retracement, Stoch and RSI Analysis

  • AxisAlive Token [AXIS] Chart Analysis and Description

  • Chart Index

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