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Dollar Breakdown amid Banking Crisis ushers Crypto Rally


Mar 13, 2023

Crypto decimating global markets with mad gains in times of turmoil

Chart Set for March 13th, 2023

Major changes include:

  • Dollar Currency Index DMI and MACD Analysis

  • Stablecoin Index Analysis

  • Gold Spot restores itself as inflation hedge and uncertain markets

  • Stock Indices Index DMI and MACD Analysis

  • Total Crypto Cap makes insane rally. DCA, DMI, ASO Analysis

  • Bitcoin and the 350 Day MA Analysis

  • Greyscale coming off its discount

  • Ethereum pattern analysis and targets

  • Top Performers YTD

  • Trader Psychology Chart

  • Trader Psychology on the HEX Chart

  • HEX/WETH Chart Analysis

  • HEX Volatility Chart Analysis

  • Icosa Hedron DMA, and Cross Pair Analysis

  • First look at the ICO

  • Maximus DAO Premiums and Discounts

  • Communis Analysis on Breakout

  • HEX Liquidity Analysis

  • HEX Market Volumes analysis over the weekend

  • HEX Market Supply and Correlations

  • Chart Index

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